Course Etiquette

Course Etiquette

Persons using the golf facilities should do their part to make a round of golf at GHGC a pleasant experience for everyone.

Leave no trace: Fix your ball marks, divots and rake the bunker. Leave the golf course as you found it, meaning leave no trash behind either.

Quiet Please: Don’t talk while another player is about to swing. Turn off or switch your cell phones to silent/vibrate.

Music on the Course: With blue-tooth speaker technology, it may be enjoyable to play music on the course. Before you do, please follow these rules. 1. Ask your playing partners if they mind playing of music. If any of them object, don’t get annoyed, keep your music off. 2. Play it loud enough to hear within your group but not impacting the groups around you. 3. If a playing partner asks you to turn it off, please do so.

Honors (1st to tee off): The player who shot the lowest score on the previous hole has the honors to tee off first on the next hole. Unless everyone agrees to playing “ready golf” or the rules of the game you are playing require differently.

Watch your golfing partner’s ball: In the interest of keeping up the pace of play, try and keep an eye on your playing partner’s ball when they hit. This will decrease search time.

Minimize Movement: When another player is setting up to swing, try to avoid movement and try to stay still. Avoid standing in another player’s line of sight during their swing.

Yell “Fore”: If you hit a wild shot that has the potential to hit another person on the course, yell “Fore” to warn the person of the incoming ball.

Wait for all players in your group to tee off: When playing with a group be sure to wait for all players in your group to tee off before you head off to your next shot.

Play “Ready Golf”: Unless playing in a regulated competition, it is in the interest of pace of play that you play ready golf. Ready golf being where one hits the ball when they’re ready, not necessarily in the order of who’s furthest.

Be Aware of your Shadow: Avoid standing on the green or tee box in such a way that your shadow gets in another players putting line or line of sight as they prepare to swing.

Don’t walk on another players Putt Line or Through Line: Be mindful of other players putting line on the green and their through line, the path line the putt will travel if it misses the hole. Avoid standing or walking on this line to keep the green smooth for putting; nobody likes trying to putt through a footprint.

Be Mindful of your Ball Marker: If your ball marker is in the way of another players putting line offer to move the ball marker. Carefully move your marker to the left or right of the line, but take note of its original placement or else you could receive a penalty for incorrect placement.

Gimmies in Non-Competitive Rounds: Never assume a putt is a gimme, be ready to putt everything. However in non-competitive rounds it’s common to offer a gimme putt when a player is within a certain distance to the hole, usually within the distance of the grip on the putter. A gimme being where both players concede that the putt would’ve gone in had the player actually putted it.

Tend the Pin: For longer putts offer to tend the pin for your fellow golfer. Also in windier conditions try to keep the flag quiet. With the new pin rules in place, ask before removing the pin.

Cart Path Only: Respect the course rules and only drive the golf cart on the designated paths. If the conditionals allow for driving on the fairway, please adhere to the 90 Degree Rule.

Let Faster Groups play through: If you notice you keep hearing “Fore” from the group behind you, chances are they’re playing at a faster pace then you. So let the faster group play through.

Keep your Cool: While golf can be very frustrating at times, it is important to not lose your temper on the course. Restrain yourself from shouting expletives and throwing clubs.

Dress the Part: A t-shirt and shorts isn’t appropriate attire for golf. When golfing men should wear a collared shirt, for women golf tops vary to have a collar or not, and a nice pair of pants. Traditional attire adheres to a sense of modesty and professionalism.

Sportsmanship: Respect your fellow golfers. Don’t make fun of other players. Don’t laugh at their bad shots. Golf karma will catch up to you if you do.

Shake Hands: After a round of golf always shake hands or fist bump with your playing partners. It is customary to remove one’s hat when shaking hands.

Don’t offer Unsolicited Lessons: Everyone has advice to give. Many golfers are more than willing to listen, but not everyone. Before offering your advice to a fellow golfer, be sure they want to hear it first.

Learn as You Go: Not a rule as much as a mind state you should have. Golf is a game that you learn best as you play. If playing with better players, use that as an opportunity to gain some insights that they may have on the game.

Return Lost Clubs to Pro Shop: If you find a lost golf club while playing, pick it up and return it to the pro shop when your round is finished. You’d want someone to do the same if you forgot your club.