All members and guests are welcome to participate in the social activities at GHGC.

Social events are planned by our Social Committee Chair or a designate.

Social members are welcome to participate in social golfing events (where 9 holes or less are part of the event).

Christmas Party
Our Christmas party is a can’t miss. It is a great way to get ready for the holiday season.

Steak/Burger Nights
During the summer, we have Steak Night or Burger Night. Come up to the club for dinner with a golf horse race to follow. All members are welcome to participate in horse races.

Scotch Foursomes
Scotch foursomes are a great way to introduce new golfers to fun competition. Scotch foursomes are 6 person scrambles that match golfers of all skill levels. Most of our Scotch Foursomes are themed events and are talked about for years after.