Hole 2/11

Hole #2/11 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 152-171 Yards Avg. Score 3.5 Shorter Par 3. Go left and you are hitting a rescue shot through the trees. Go right and you could be out of bounds on the hill. It’s best … Read More

Hole 5/14

Hole #5/14 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 104-171 Yards Avg. Score 4 Take an extra club, forget the trouble, and hit the ball solid. On this uphill par 3, missing the green usually leaves you with a difficult up-and-down. With two … Read More

Hole 8/17

Hole #8/17 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 101-184 Yards Avg. Score 3.5 Club selection is crucial on this short, downhill par 3. Be careful, Artondale Creek will swallow up any poor tee shots. Don’t be fooled by the large receptive green … Read More